Competition details for captains and players
CompetitionBoardsStartGradesTime Control
Alexander107:40Quick play only 30/1:00 then All/0:20
Surrey87:40Std 3 opt
Beaumont87:40Std 3 opt
Minor67:40u145Std 3 opt
Fred Manning47:40u120All/65min LP
Croydon Div 247:40Total 625as Surrey Std 3 opt
Croydon Div 347:40Total 500Quick play only 30/1:00 then All/0:20
Croydon Rapid48:00Total 650All/25min or Fischer 20+10 (x2 games)
Time controlsDGT 2000

"3" options9Adjudication35/1:15 then 7/0:15
9Adjournment35/1:15 then 28/1:00
5Quick Play30/1:00 then All/0:20
23QP Fischer1:15 + 10sec/move
Surrey games played after 1 May in a season shall be quickplay finish only