There is a page for every regular user group accepting new members.

You can have more than one page.

User groups can give the web address of their page to their national organizations, directories, etc.

Please send me the details you would like to appear on your page.

You can include logos and photographs. I will do the layout, photograph resizing etc.*

Your Page(s)
A few lines (or more) about what you do and who it is for. (e.g. age range)

Photographs of your meetings.

Links to other sites about your activity.

Meeting Times
(to members/visitors, not necessarily the same as your letting time)

Contact Details
(Or you can have a contact form, see About Us / Contact page)
Let me know if any details become out of date.

*Ideally send pictures as jpg or png, text as plain text in email or Word or similar.
Do not attempt to design the page in detail.
Posters or flyers do not transfer as well as separate photos and text.